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What is keyword research?

Keywords are the search terms that users enter into the search slot of search engines such as Google. The search for these keywords is called keyword research.

This keyword research is a fundamental process in search engine marketing (SEM). It helps to understand, Which terms and phrases are used by the target groupto search for products, services or general information on the Internet.

Effective keyword research makes it possible to optimize content so that it appears as high up as possible in the search results (SERPs) for the relevant search queries.

Identify keywords

Identify keywords

Determine search volume & search intent

Determine search volume & search intent

Determine competition

Determine competition

Why do keyword research?

Above all, keyword research helps to identify the Search terms to findwith which the Website has the best chance of ranking high in the organic results of search engines. At the same time, it provides valuable information about what potential customers are really looking for.

ExampleAs a manufacturer of hydrogen combustion engines, we optimize our website accordingly for the keyword "hydrogen combustion engine".

Even if this term technically correct may be, search potential customers, however for something else: Hydrogen engine.

And perhaps the optimal keyword is "hydrogen engine manufacturer"?

These small differences can make a big difference later on. Turnover which is why a Prior analysis always recommended is.

How does keyword research work?

We start with a Wish listYou tell us all the keywords with which you would like to achieve good rankings.

We take these desired keywords, turn them, shake them, turn them upside down.

We are looking for as many Synonyms and alternatives (see example above: hydrogen engine instead of hydrogen combustion engine) and store all keywords with datamonthly Search volume, competition, existing rankings and much more.

We run the data through our in-house formulas in order to obtain a Individual prioritization per keyword to determine.

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What do I get with a keyword research?

As soon as we are finished with the keyword research, we deliver a document that, based on the data (search volume, competition, etc.), provides a quintessential prioritized keyword list supplies. Of course, all Raw data so that the prioritization process can be repeated at any time. Understand transparently lets. On request, we are also happy to carry out a Keyword Mapping through. We assign the researched keywords directly to the respective URLs of the website. Incidentally, this is a reliable method to prevent future (or existing) keyword cannibalization.

Why a Google Ads agency makes sense

Working with us as a Google Ads agency enables companies to focus on their Core business to focus on. Creating, monitoring and adjusting Google Ads campaigns, or devising the right strategies depending on your goals, requires a deep understanding of the platform as well as constant analysis and adaptation to keep up with the constant changes. A focused Google Ads agency can take this burden off your shoulders.

Thanks to the experience gained from various projects, we can quickly identify and implement effective strategies, avoid mistakes that companies might otherwise make and thus ensure an efficient use of the advertising budget. This bundled Expert knowledge is therefore a decisive added value that makes working with an agency worthwhile.

In today's fast-moving In the digital world, effective online marketing is essential in order to stand out from the competition and target potential customers.

What makes your keyword research so special?

Our keyword research combines several data sources and uses them to create in-house formula a reliable prioritization.

Keyword research is about more than just determining the search volume. 

In addition to all Data infatuation we also give Creativity and a fresh look into the project in order to the best nuggets to track down.

What happens next?

The keyword research is a perfect basis for further optimization. Based on the prioritized list, we should now move on to the Implementation and optimization go: Creating an editorial plan, writing author briefings, creating content and SEO-Experts check, enter content.

Don't worry, we won't leave you out in the cold: Even if the services are not included in the research, we can provide the completely control the further process and realize or just Provide targeted support for individual steps. From project management to maintenance in the CMS or eCommerce system, our experienced SEO team can help with all measures.

We also always recommend a parallel SEO Audit in order to make the success of the keyword research sustainable. Because sometimes it's not the keywords at all. Then technical or other causes can prevent good rankings.

What does keyword research cost?

The price depends on the number of desired keywords and starts from 795 euros.

For other requests, such as keyword mapping or further support with implementation and optimization, we can create affordable overall packages.

You are welcome to request a non-binding offer from us.