Shopware Agency

Create your own online store quickly and cost-effectively with the open source solution Shopware

Strategy & Consulting

We look at the target group, analyze the market, talk about internal processes, identify required store functions, clarify hosting issues, develop marketing strategies and much more. We advise independent with a clear focus: Your sustainable success. Because maybe Shopware isn't the right system? Solutions such as Shopify or WooCommerce can sometimes be the better choice.

Technical implementation

We bring Shopware to the server, Configure the system, take care of the theme, develop plug-ins and interfaces, find solutions for individual requirements and ensure a smooth Launch.

In doing so, we rely on agile development. Our experienced Product Owner (Scrum certified) are on hand at all times.

Online marketing

Outstanding strategy and technology are of no use if the buying visitors fail to materialize. We will find the right solution for you in our comprehensive portfolio: Search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), social ads (Facebook, Instagram), Google Shopping, conversion optimization, retargeting, newsletter marketing, social shopping and many other topics are waiting for you!

Case Study: Super.Natural

To become more independent from retailers as a fashion brand and increase margins at the same time. That was the aim of Super.Natural's own online store. 

After an in-depth analysis of the objectives and infrastructure, Shopware quickly emerged as a suitable system.

The completion came just in time: Corona meant that brick-and-mortar retail had just collapsed as an important sales driver.

Super.Natural's own store now accounts for a significant proportion of sales.

Shopware is the right system in these cases

Start cost-effectively & scale later

Shopware offers the possibility, Fast and cost-effective to enter the online market. With increasing success and growing demands, Shopware is later also very well suited for Scaling.

Independent working

Shopware offers great convenience in terms of operation. With a little training, you can quickly operate the intuitive system and make changes yourself thanks to the numerous setting options. This means that more complex adjustments are also possible without a skilled developer.

Europe as an important market

The open source system Shopware is 100 % Made in Germany and comes from the tranquil town of Schöppingen in the north of North Rhine-Westphalia. Shopware focuses on the German and European requirements for eCommerce systems. There is also extensive documentation in German. A forum with a large community is also always available to answer questions.

Connection to other systems required

Thanks to the impressive API, Shopware can also be connected to other systems (PIM, CRM, ERP - including SAP - WaWi etc.). Ready-made interfaces are already available for many systems. If not, no problem: Shopware is open source and every line of code is freely customizable.

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Why Shopware?

As an open source system, Shopware is one of the leading store systems in Germany and is available free of charge in the community edition. According to a survey by t3n, Shopware was the most widely used system in Germany with 20%, ahead of Magento with 17%.

Due to the great popularity of this product, similar to the WordPress a strong community that actively develops the system further. As a result, Shopware is currently one of the most modern systems and is a very good solution for small stores, medium-sized companies and brand stores.

Shopware has several advantages over other store systems:

  • Simple operation for store operators
  • Large selection of templates that are easy to customize and optimized for mobile devices
  • Optimal basis for search engine optimization
  • Attractive product presentation using shopping worlds
    Analysis tool for detailed evaluations
    Extensive marketing tools such as newsletters or vouchers
  • Connection to PIM, CRM, ERP (e.g. SAP) and ERP etc. possible via API
  • Many options for modular expansion thanks to the numerous plugins from the developer community


Shopware therefore forms an excellent technical basis for leading the store to sustainable, economic success. The optimal conditions make it possible to work on search engine optimization, Google Shopping, retargeting or other online marketing topics.

The ease of use of Shopware's backend allows us to hand over the store to you once the project is complete. You can work independently with the system and are no longer dependent on our help.