LinkedIn marketing - you're guaranteed to mess it up with these tips

LinkedIn marketing has exploded in recent months. And so have the tricks used by marketing professionals.

"Hello Mr. Kleinschrod, I would be very happy about a network! MfG, Müller"
"Hello Mr. Kleinschrod, nice that we are now connected. Here is my offer, when would you like to buy?"

We have compiled the best tips for unsuccessful LinkedIn marketing for you.

Tip #1 - Sell in cold directly

Always works. Instead of making friendly contacts and then creating added value in the network with exciting contributions or participating in the contributions of your contacts in the network through comments, go all out.

With a carefree, casual contact request, you first get your foot in the door. As soon as the request has been accepted, you strike mercilessly the next day and push your offer through straight away. True to the established motto: Hit it, hit it, hit it! Scorched earth guaranteed.

A few practical examples? Gladly

Buy directly now without obligation

Nice that... Never mind! Here is our offer!

Tip #2 - Use a LinkedIn bot

The next hack to really take your LinkedIn marketing to the next level (i.e. from minus one to minus two) is to use a LinkedIn bot.

Instead of thinking about the target group and finding suitable contacts manually, you simply let the LinkedIn bot go to work. This ingenious marketing method is called Spray and Pray.

A bot also comes across as really professional if it is based on the profile name Bernd Kleinschrod 🚀 on LinkedIn cannot address the selected contact person by their surname.

PROFI-TIP: Don't attach importance to correct spelling. A small "ihr" instead of "Ihr" makes you seem much more human - and less like a bot!

Tip #3 - Take a LinkedIn marketing mega masterclass course...

...and implement 1:1 the 3-step formula for the guaranteed-get-rich-over-night effect!

Here is the formula:

  1. Use a bad LinkedIn bot (see also tip #2)
  2. Find members with the position "Managing Director
  3. Use contact request with exactly the same text from the course
Do you know this too? The same requests over and over again?

Oops. There are several people taking the same LinkedIn Marketing Mega Masterclass course as me?

Tip #4 - Do not work with the web rockets

If you want to make a real mess of LinkedIn marketing, then do without professional online marketing support. Develop strategies? Think about your target group? Recognize their needs? Develop personas? Create good content that creates added value for my target group? Oh no, give it a rest.

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