SEO audit: Better rankings on Google through an individual catalog of measures

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Our SEO audit uncovers weaknesses and opportunities of websites and online stores in the Search engine optimization and gives concrete recommendations for more free traffic via Google.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit assesses the current status of a Website or an online store with regard to SEO aspects such as content or technology and shows the target status. This website check shows the operator where there is still potential for improvement in order to improve the performance of the website and thus achieve better rankings in the search engine results pages. (Read here: What actually is SEO?)

Why an SEO audit?

A comprehensive analysis as Taking stock of the current situation is the basis for sustainable search engine optimization. Only those who know where they stand can achieve their SEO goals with sustainable marketing and thus increase the visibility of their website. There are often fundamental problems that prevent a website from achieving good rankings on Google. With our analysis, these Optimization potentials revealed and measures derived.

What do I get with an SEO audit?

An SEO audit by us as an agency can be Expert opinion with recommendations for action be understood.

The analysis of the website for common SEO factors provides a comprehensive document that compares the current status with the target status and contains prioritized recommendations for action.

The result is therefore a concrete implementation planwhich shows the weaknesses and potential for improvement of a website so that set SEO goals and better rankings can be achieved.

What does the SEO audit not contain?

The audit contains recommendations for action, but No support with implementation of the measures. As each SEO audit is carried out individually, we cannot predict what work will be required.

Of course, we can also provide support after the audit if required. With the know-how from our Agency with the implementation of all measures. Whether technical or content-related.

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What makes your SEO audit so special?

The basis of an SEO check is the data from common tools such as Moz, Sistrix, Ryte, Screaming Frog or others. However, as is so often the case, "A fool with a tool is still a fool". The Data must be interpreted correctly and the appropriate measures are derived from this.

There are many points to consider. For example, the Google guidelines for webmasters, the competition or the individual company strategy. A technical understanding of web technologies is also always indispensable in search engine optimization. No two SEO audits are the same and must always be developed individually.

We interpret the data from the tools, bring our Years of experience from all projects into each new project and work out an action plan. with a view to the respective corporate goals from.

What does an SEO audit cost?

Once again, the lawyer's answer "it depends" applies here. If it is only about the relevant ACTUAL data from the common, fee-based SEO tools without any interpretation, then you can already start with a few hundred euros. But it only gets really exciting when an SEO expert interprets the data, draws the right conclusions and works through a suitable catalog of measures. A complete check starts with us from 2,500 euros. The more extensive the site is (number of individual subpages), the more expensive the audit can be. A Request a non-binding offer from us become.

What happens after the SEO audit?

Above all, one thing is important: getting started. Once we have created the audit and discussed it together, it is importantthe prioritized catalog of measures. Because even the smallest adjustments will have a positive overall effect on the visibility of the website or online store, so that free traffic via search engines increases in the future. The SEO audit is the important starting signal for successful search engine optimization.

What else do I need?

In addition to the SEO audit, we always recommend a parallel Keyword analysis to be carried out. The main purpose of this is to research - based on data - all keywords (= search terms on Google) for which the website or the Online store could rank.

A keyword analysis also provides Information about the target group and their search behavior. Strategic potential can often be derived from this.

A match of keyword analysis and SEO audit increases the chance of better rankings in the search results.

How we help as a certified Google Ads agency

As an experienced SEA agency, we are experts in strengthening the online presence of companies according to their individual goals.

Our customer-oriented solutions include:

  1. Customized SEA strategies: We create customized campaigns that are tailored to your specific goals and requirements.
  2. Maximizing ROI: Our team of experienced specialists ensures that your marketing budget is used efficiently to achieve the best results.
  3. Transparency and traceability: We offer detailed reports and analyses to make the success of your SEA campaigns measurable. We discuss current successes and failures in campaign meetings.
  4. Time saving: Leave the management and optimization of your SEA campaigns to us so that you can concentrate on your core business.